Course Notes:

"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"

Course Notes:
Q-MT Training -
Practitioner Self-Development
Third-Party Treatment

"Q-MT is essentially an experiential, rather than academic, discipline. To gain proficiency in Q-MT involves learning, not just with the mind, but with the senses, with the emotions, the passions, with Spirit - with the totality of our being."

Q-MT is a highly effective, structured, yet elegantly simple therapeutic modality which recognises that the qualitative aspect of the student's developmental experience with Q-MT can be affected by the format in which training is delivered.

While the Q-MT system itself is structured, it is frequently seen that a more personal (and therefore more powerful) learning experience is effected when tuition is presented in a format which, on a surface level, might appear to be somewhat less than coherently structured, - a format which in essence, bypasses the 'clear' yet limited 'logic' of the linear, rational, 'left-brain' cognitive processes, and interacts with the individual at a deeper conceptual level.

Would-be students expecting a 'clear' and 'logically' delineated Training Manual of the "Ten easy steps to ..." variety, are often initially somewhat confused
when informed that Q-MT does not utilise this form of 'linear' tuition-support, but: "being confused is a very good place to start....."

Much of the material here consists of simple notes - accessing cues to facilitate the recall of informing experiences gained during the course. There are also certain points covered here which you have not been taught until now...

Initially you should read through the materials once in their entirety - take your time - who would you race against? When you have read all that is here, simply forget it. This does not mean 'put it aside - forget about it for a while', It means Forget It. Let go of it.

Then you can properly begin to study what is here.

So, the journey begins, but not necessarily at the 'obvious' beginning...



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