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How many levels are there in Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics and how do I become a Master?
Q-MT there are no 'masters', no 'grandmasters', no formal 'levels' or 'degrees'. It is not an 'ego-club', an 'order', an institute, a hierarchical organisation. There is no one to compete with, no one to be better than - except for the person you are at this moment.
Q-MT honours the wisdom which holds: 'the only true form of mastery is Self-mastery'.

Does Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics use special symbols?
While Q-MT does work in a focussed and specific way with symbols & symbolism, it does not, however, have or utilise a set of 'healing symbols' such as exist in the various styles of Reiki or other modalities of that type.

What, if any, energies are channelled in Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics?
Q-MT is not a 'channelled energy'-centred modality per se. In certain specific situations (e.g. where there is a perceived deficit), subtle energy may be directed (in)to the client, however, the core practice of this therapeutic discipline involves the implementation of a learned set of intervention strategies - a series of therapeutically-manipulative interactions with the client's field-of-force - to facilitate the re-balancing of the client's vibrational frequencies by modulating or re-patterning existing energetic 'undercurrents' within the client, rather than by means of the channelling of energies to them - as it has been somewhat poetically described: " ...not so much a case of adding water to the lake, as sending ripples out throughout it..."

So, why doesn't Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics focus more on channeling energy into the client - as for example, is done in Reiki?
Q-MT sees that the majority of individuals already have sufficient energy to 'run and maintain' their being and 'power' their self-healing mechanisms - in fact many individuals probably also have enough energy to 'run and maintain' a second human being. However, this energy is frequently in a dormant state, and thus needs to be activated, and (perhaps more importantly) directed, to facilitate the required outcome.

recognises that, all too often, dis-ease is in fact solely due to mis-directed or un-controlled/un-directed energies playing themselves out to negative effect in the client's daily life. These energies need to be brought under control - brought into balance, focussed. Simply introducing additional energy or energies - without bringing the existing dis-order under control - would only lead to an exacerbation of that dis-order.
Where there is genuine deficit of energy, experience has shown that commonly this is due to varying degrees of inhibition of the client's innate energy-absorbing mechanisms. In such cases,
rather than attempting to direct energy to a client - who is actually not in a position to absorb that energy - Q-MT seeks to work with the client to restore the optimum functioning of their energy-absorbing mechanisms. Then, and only then, subtle energy may be directed (in)to the client, if absolutely necessary.

Does Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics involve attunements?
Q-MT does have a very specific attunement procedure, but this is not an attunement to an energy or energies. Rather, it is essentially an assisted 'awakening of awareness' to a very specific state of being - a state of deep, centred, 'sensual-spiritual' intensity - a calm, grounded 'charismatic' state in which ones ability to interact with, and therapeutically manipulate, energetic fields-of-force is exponentially enhanced.
The receiving of this attunement, however, will not 'make you a healer'. It is not an alternative to learning to work with the various intervention strategies, rather it is part of the process of deepening the effectiveness of these techniques, and of integrating them into ones being.

Is Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics an ancient form of healing?
Q-MT is a Therapeutic & Transformational Discipline of relatively recent origin, it's initial formulation stemming from the mid 1990's. It does not profess to be an 'ancient system - recently rediscovered' or anything of this nature.
However, Q-MT acknowledges that it has (as is the case with nearly all other modern systems of therapeutic intervention) been profoundly influenced by certain antecedent modalities, and likewise shares particular commonalities with other current therapeutic disciplines.
The choice of the name 'Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics' was a carefully considered one, intentionally acknowledging and honouring two primary 'streams' of influencing antecedents: the highly evolved and complex Oriental energetic-healing disciplines of Taoist Qi-Gung on the one hand, and the Occidental traditions of the 'Magnetic Healers' (also referred to as 'animal-magnetisers') on the other.
From these and other diverse sources, positive influences and inspirations have been drawn, and, in conjunction with pertinent methodologies and techniques - as well as independently evolved practices - have been synergised into the structured, highly effective, yet elegantly simple modality that is Q-MT.




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