"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"

At core level:
"There is only one dis-ease - and one cure."

"The one dis-ease: an imbalance of ones vital energetic integrity.
The one cure: the re-balancing of ones vital energetic integrity."

"The symptom is not the dis-ease - do not treat the symptom.
The dis-ease is not the person - do not treat the dis-ease."

"Treat the Person
: Restore the Energetic Balance.
Heal through the dis-ease, and the symptoms will fade away."

Qi-Magnetic Therapeutics (Q-MT) is a 'client-centred' modality of Therapeutic Intervention & Transformational Energywork developed by James Deacon around a 'perceptual model' and method of application which began to unfold early in the Summer of 1996.

Q-MT operates within a specific conceptual framework evolving out of a strong grounding in 'Vital-Energy Therapy' Disciplines, & Systems of Healing and Spiritual Empowerment, and is backed up with over 22 years of extensive research into wide-ranging and diverse aspects of the field of 'Mind, Body & Spirit'.

At the core of the Q-MT conceptual framework is the understanding that the therapeutic process is about an interaction - an 'energetic dialogue' - between Therapist & Client.

Q-MT recognises the uniqueness and complexity of each individual as an integrated yet multi-faceted being, and honours the spiritual, mental, passionate, emotional, physical, and 'etheric' aspects of the person equally, holding each of these aspects in the same light and esteem

Essentially, Q-MT seeks to address and interact with the energetic 'undercurrents' which pervade the entire spectrum of ones being: the complex vibrational patterns which are fundamental to life and wellness, and which, should they become disrupted, inhibited, or imbalanced can lead to the manifestation of what we term: 'disease' (i.e. dis-ease).

In Q-MT the primary focus is, ideally, on 'prevention rather than cure': i.e. on maintaining wellness rather than on having to restore wellness, though it is commonly the case that contact with the therapist is only initiated when the need for restorative treatment has already arisen.


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