Training & Self-Development

"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"


Q-MT training begins with the student receiving therapy. 'What one would practice, one must first experience.'

The Q-MT process of assisting others to return to a place of energetic balance, must be approached from the perspective of being, oneself, in a place of energetic balance.

If the would-be Q-MT practitioner's energetic integrity is disturbed, if they are in a state of dis-ease, if they are un-well - what inference, whether consciously or subconsciously, will a potential client take from this?

In conjunction with undergoing re-balancing & re-integrative energetic interventions, the Q-MT student will also begin to interact with certain specific developmental practices.

The first, and to all intents and purposes, most important, of these practices is the
Foundation Exercise - the bed-rock on which the whole developmental process stands.

This exercise is unique to Q-MT - it was designed to address very specific, fundamental issues, and has been evolved to a form which now does so in a simple, yet profoundly powerful and highly effective way. If encountered elsewhere, this is because the exercise has been borrowed from Q-MT - purely, it is assumed, due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

The Q-MT Foundation Exercise is a multi-faceted (or perhaps more properly, multi-dimensional) interaction. It's initial importance is in relation to the re-activation of the umbilicus on an energetic level.
acknowledges the umbilicus as being our original medium for energetic dialogue - our original point of connectivity with the Life Force.
As a developing foetus in the womb, the umbilicus was our sole means of interaction with our immediate environment (albeit indirectly via our mother), and was the point through which we received air, physical nutrients, and other more subtle nutrients of various degrees of refinement. After birth, the significance of the umbilicus changed. As a medium for physical and nutritional interaction, it became obsolete, and as such, it's physiological function 'shut down' - unfortunately (except in the case of a few rare individuals) so did it's general energetic function, thus depriving us of an important element of connectivity with the Life Force.
honours the traditional wisdom which holds that harmonious energetic reactivation of the umbilicus has an essential role to play in our journey with the therapeutic and self-developmental process, and it is primarily in order to address this and certain other related issues that the Foundation Exercise was designed.

While referred to as the 'Foundation Exercise' this is not to imply that the Q-MT student in time reaches a stage when this practice ceases to be of intrinsic benefit. On the contrary, its potential to benefit both student and seasoned practitioner alike, deepens in a reciprocal fashion as the student/practitioner develops in their journey with Q-MT.

As with all aspects of Q-MT, the Foundation Exercise is about a qualitative experience rather than a quantitative one. The way in which we approach it, the way in which we connect & interact with it - the perceptual level at which we access and utilise it, and the depth of our own development, all have a bearing on the fullness, intensity & quality of our experience with it.

Adding 'bells & whistles' - attempting to complicate the exercise, or blend it with additional techniques, in a belief that this would somehow make it more effective, is to entirely miss the point of it. Such modification would only detract from the qualitative aspect, or worse, change the nature of its focussed effect - and in so doing, render it totally unsuitable for the very specific needs it was designed and evolved to address.




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