Treatment Session

"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"


In a standard, 'formal', treatment session - with the client either standing or seated - the Q-MT practitioner employs specific energetic-sensing techniques to assess the condition of the client's radiant energy vibrations.

Based on information gleaned from subtle fluctuations in the clients energetic 'field-of-force', the Q-MT practitioner then utilises a combination of non-invasive touch-contact (i.e.'laying on of hands'-style) interventions, & non-contact, close proximity or line-of-sight, field-energy manipulation techniques to initiate the process of assisting the client to return to a place of energetic balance.

This 'energetic dialogue' may well be supported by a verbal dialogue - with the Q-MT practitioner keeping the client informed at pertinent stages throughout the process and the client providing the Q-MT practitioner with relevant feedback. As part of this process the therapist also works (interacts) in a very focussed and specific way with the clients 'symbolic inner landscape'.

During Q-MT treatment, some clients may experience certain physiological phenomena such as localised sensations of warmth or coolness - or of pulsing deep within the body. Some may 'hear' sounds, or 'see' fleeting colours or images in the minds eye, or perhaps sense particular fragrances. Memories may surface to consciousness, forgotten thoughts or new ideas may spontaneously arise. Each client is unique and may experience any or none of these things - many simply feel deeply relaxed.

Throughout the process, the Q-MT practitioner will normally also experience physiological phenomena, and receive and interact with other 'subtle' sensory impressions which will help to guide the way in which specific aspects of the treatment session unfold.

The duration of a Q-MT session will usually be about 30 to 45 minutes - in certain cases the session may be somewhat shorter - only rarely will a session run over the 1 hour mark, as experience has shown that whatever results are going to be achieved in a particular session are usually achieved within this 30 to 45 minute timeframe.

Q-MT is a highly effective therapy which does not conflict with other forms of treatment - whether holistic, or of a more conventional allopathic nature.

Q-MT's primary focus is on the client's full recovery; & it is always recommended that clients consult with their physician regarding medical issues, and should not reduce or desist from taking prescribed medication without the prescriber's concurrence.


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