"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"

Q-MT recognises that some therapeutic or 'healing' modalities are still based in a conceptual framework that places the major emphasis & focus on the particular 'healing energy' specific to that therapy, or on the Therapist or 'Healer' who, as the 'power-possessor', exerts their therapeutic influence over the client to make them well - with the client being allotted/assuming a passive (and, in many ways, disempowered) role in the therapeutic process.
Such modalities can be said to be 'energy-centred' or 'therapist-centred'.

As stated, Q-MT is 'client-centred' - and client-empowering.

Practitioners of Q-MT are fully cognisant of the fact that, particularly in cases of serious chronic disorders, clients who take an active role in the managing of (and treatment of) their dis-ease, are far more likely to achieve full remission & recovery than those clients who assume a passive role.

The Q-MT practitioner does not work on the client to heal them - but rather - works with the client, to re-establish the profound, natural state of Health, Wholeness & Wellbeing, which is their birthright; and also to re-empower the client to enable them to maintain this newly rediscovered state.

The Q-MT practitioner's role is stated as being:
"To facilitate, enable & empower the effective functioning of the client's inherent self-regulating and healing mechanisms, via the medium of specific techniques & practices designed to initiate the re-patterning, re-calibrating, re-balancing, & strengthening of the client's energetic integrity"*

[*That is, 'energetic integrity' not only in a physical sense, but right throughout the entire spectrum of one's being]

Q-MT perceives that all living beings possess extremely potent self-healing mechanisms. We are constantly healing ourselves - constantly adjusting & correcting imbalances as they arise. If we cut or graze ourselves, our bodies instantly set in motion a process of self repair -stemming bloodflow, generating new tissue, healing the wound. When exposed to viruses, white blood cells spring into action to counter the incursion. Our beings continually seek 'homeostasis' - a state of general equilibrium. However, sometimes it happens that, due to a combination of circumstances & factors including physiological, emotional & psychological stress, our self-healing mechanisms become inundated, and cannot keep up with the 'workload' - often even leading to various degrees of suppression or breakdown in the very healing/repair mechanisms themselves.

It is then commonly only at this point that we come to the realisation that we need external help.


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