Deeper Transformational Interaction

"Transformational Energywork for the 21st Century"


The term 'Deeper Transformational Interactions' refers to the implementation of practices perceived as belonging to the Spiritual and 'Psychical' dimensions of Q-MT.

Such interactions can include:

  • Therapeutic Psychic Interaction with the client's inner symbolic landscape, & with Ancestral Patterns (Ancestral Memories)
  • Therapeutic Psychic Interaction with 'associated', 'linked' or 'accompanying' Entities (i.e. spirits, ghosts, energy-presences) - whether perceived in an Actual or Figurative sense
  • Therapeutic Psychic Interaction with Spatial Vibrations (Energetic Patterns-of-Place)

  • Working in a very particular way with Spirit
  • Charismatics

    and the unique Q-MT Attunement Process.



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