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- and the Reiki Level at which each is taught
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It was not till the mid/late 1990's that Reiki practitioners in the West began hearing about what in time would come to be known collectively as the 'Japanese Reiki Techniques' - a number of practices (some, self-development related, others, treatment-related) being used by modern-day Reiki practitioners in Japan, and claimed to have been part of Usui Reiki Ryoho since the early days.

While not all who teach the 'Japanese Reiki Techniques' agree as to exactly which technique should be taught at which level, the following is a basic guide:

Shoden (Level 1):

Gassho Kokyu ho - hand-breathing
Gassho Meiso - Gassho meditation
Gassho Mudra - Gesture of Respect
(Hikari no Kokyu ho - breath of light (a version of Joshin Kokyu ho)

Joshin Kokyu ho - 'Spirit Cleansing Breath' (an element of hatsurei ho)
Kenyoku ho - 'dry bathing' (an element of hatsurei ho)
Makoto no Kokyo ho - breath of sincerity

Nentatsu ho - 'habit treatment'
Reiki Mawashi - the 'Reiki circle' or 'Reiki current'
Renzoku Reiki - the Reiki Marathon
Shuchu (aka Shudan) Reiki - group treatment

[Some do not teach Hikari no Kokyo ho, Reiki Mawashi or Renzoku Reiki at Shoden]

Okuden (Level 2):
Okuden is sometimes taught in two separate parts - zenki (first part) and kouki (second part)

The okuden zenki techniques are:
Gedoku Chiryo ho - detoxification/purification technique
Genetsu ho
(or Byogen Chiryo ho) - for reducing high temperature / bringing down a fever
Gyoshi ho
- treating with the eyes
Hatsurei ho - 'Generating the Spirit'
Heso Chiryo ho
- navel treatment
Koki ho - treating with the breath
Nadete Chiryo ho - Stroking
Oshite Chiryo ho - Pressing with the fingertips
Tanden Chiryo ho / Hara Chiryo ho - hara-centred detox
Uchite Chiryo ho - Patting

The okuden kouki techniques are:
Byosen Reikan ho
- intuitive (psychic) sensing of imbalances
Enkaku Chiryo ho - distance treatment
Jakikiri Joka ho - clearing negative energy
Ketsueki Kokan ho (aka Ketsueki Joka ho) - the 'Reiki Finish' or 'Nerve Stroke'
and its two alternative forms:
...Hanshin Koketsu ho (aka Hanshin Chiryo) - half body blood cleansing
...Zenshin Koketsu ho - full body blood cleansing
Reiji ho - allowing Reiki to guide hand placement
Seiheki Chiryo ho - 'habit treatment' (Nentatsu ho, but with symbols)

Shashin Chiryo ho - distance-healing method using a photograph

[Some do not teach Byosen Reikan-Ho, Reiji-Ho, or Jakikiri Joka-Ho at Okuden, but do so at Shoden]

Shinpiden (Level 3):

Kokiyu ho - 'breath empowerment'
Reiju - 'Giving/receiving the Spirit'

[Some teach Reiki Mawashi and/or or Renzoku Reiki at Shinpiden rather than at Shoden]

[Some teach Ketsueki Kokan ho,.Hanshin Koketsu ho and.Zenshin Koketsu ho at Shinpiden rather than at Okuden]


Note: The 'Japanese Reiki Techniques' can be loosely divided into two categories: treatment techniques, and developmental techniques (i.e. techniques believed to 'strengthen' the Reiki connection).
The greater majority belong to the former category.

Versions of several of the techniques belonging to this 'treatment' category [specifically: Byosen Reikan ho, Enkaku Chiryo ho, Ketsueki Kokan ho, Koki ho, Kokiyu ho, Reiji ho, Reiki Mawashi, Renzoku Reiki, Seiheki Chiryo ho, Shuchu Reiki ] were actually taught by Takata-sensei as part of Usui Shiki Ryoho, but were not referred to by their Japanese names.]

When it came to developing/deepening one's Reiki connection, Takata-sensei taught that this was best achieved via the actual practice of Reiki treatment itself.


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