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[Unlike the Level 1 Initiation process, the Level 2 process is performed only once during the course of the class.]

Takata-Sensei is known to have used slightly modified versions of the attunement process when initiating different students.

However, since Takata-Sensei's death, several masters have made significant alterations to the basic form as used and taught by Takata-Sensei herself.

A version used by some independent Reiki Teachers is as follows:
[ Of course, this is merely a description of the physical 'form' of the process - the inner aspect: the energetic/spiritual component of sharing denju with a student cannot be learnt from a written description.
As a Japanese friend of mine put it "If you haven't received the denju yourself, you cannot
pass it to another, no matter how much you wave your hands about, visualise shirushi, chant jumon, or 'intend' it to happen."]

The student sits upright on a chair - feet flat on the floor, hands held in gassho (in front of the Heart Centre), eyes closed.

The Teacher briefly explains to the student what will be taking place.

Standing behind the student, the Teacher places both hands on student's shoulders, meditating briefly to bring both parties into energetic/emotional rapport.

The Teacher raises up their non-dominant hand arm extended - palm up and open. Using their dominant hand, they draw the DKM over the student's head, while (silently) chanting the symbol's mantra-name three times.

The Teacher moves the student's side. Placing the left hand on the student's forehead (at hairline) and the right hand on the back of the student's head, the Teacher proceeds to visualise the HSZSN, SHK, & CKR (in this order) - for each symbol, silently chanting its mantra-name three times.
This position is held for a few moments to allow the Reiki to flow.

Positioning themself in front of the student, the Teacher, using their non-dominant hand, grasps the student's hands (which are
still held in gassho in front of the Heart Centre) by the base of the thumbs. Teacher now proceeds to visualise the DKM - silently chanting its mantra-name three times.
This position is held for a few moments to allow the Reiki to flow.

As if opening a book, the Teacher opens the student’s hands flat, and
placing them, palms-up, up on the knees. Lifting and holding one of the student's hands in their non-dominant hand, the Teacher then draws the HSZSN with their dominant hand over the student's palm, silently chanting its mantra-name three times, then claps the hand with theirs.

Next the Teacher draws the SHK over the student's palm, silently chanting its mantra-name three times
, then claps the hand with theirs.

The Teacher then draws the CKR over the student's palm, silently chanting its mantra-name three times, then claps the hand with theirs.

Returning the student's hand to their knee, the Teacher takes the student's other hand in their non-dominant hand and repeats the process: drawing each symbol in turn, silently chanting its mantra-name, and clapping the hand.

[Note: Takata-Sensei frequently only placed the symbols in ONE of the student's hands]

Then, the Teacher brings the student’s hands together again and lifts them up to a position in front of their face, leaving clear access to the student's throat region.

Still grasping the student's hands, and with mouth loosely closed, the Teacher draws the CHR with the tip of their tongue on the roof of their mouth, and inhales a deep breath through the nose.

Through very slightly parted lips, the Teacher then blows out the breath in three short bursts - the first over the student's Heart Centre, the second over their throat and the last over their third eye.

Finally, the Teacher places the student's hands over their heart, and, after a moment the student is instructed to open their eyes..

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