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In 1928, Jozo Ishii of the seiki ryoho kenkyu jo (Seiki Treatment Institute / Research Establishment) published a small book entitled: "Essentials of Seiki Self-Healing Therapy".

Seiki can best be translated as "Vital Life-Force"

In the book, Jozo Ishii explains that
"seiki excites the nerves which have become exhausted and elicits a spontaneous reflexive movement in the body's muscular system" and in doing so resolves any disorders that may be present in the body.

He explains that through a regimen of daily taiso (specific exercises to stimulate and balance various physiological functions), seiki effectively wards off pain and illness.

"If the elderly make use of seiki" Ishii writes, "they will be revitalised and return to a state of good health".

He also maintains that, ultimately, seiki promotes and sustains longevity.

"Seiki stimulates any affected part of the body, triggering cellular activity in the particular area. This influence spreads throughout the surrounding areas, eventually stimulating all the cells of the body to action. The metabolism is fired, respiration is stirred to strong action, bloodflow is quickened and a balanced secretion (of bodily fluids) is activated. As a result, all stagnation within the body is flushed away. Seiki stimulates the nervous system. The nerves of the affected organs react, producing the physiological movements requisite for rehabilitation."

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