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I've noticed a growing trend amongst certain sections of the Reiki Community concerning presentation of ones Reiki Lineage...

It seems to have become a quite common practice that - while having initially received training and attunement in one (or more) of the various Western-lineage Reiki styles - many folk suddenly, upon taking training and attunement in 'Japanese' lineage Reiki styles, choose to completely ignore their original lineage(s) and instead, focus solely on the later 'Japanese' one(s).

Now, as to whether this is out of some (in my opinion, misguided) sense of prestige - a belief that a 'Japanese' lineage Reiki style is somehow 'better', 'more powerful', 'purer', or whatever - than a Western-lineage Reiki style...?

Or whether (and its too late now, I've already thought it so I might as well say it - I know many others have probably been thinking the same thing too!) it is simply that some folk have surrendered to their 'inner fashion victim' and decided that 'Japanese' lineage is "the only way to go" - that it has become absolutely de rigueur for all the 'best-dressed Reiki folk about town'...?


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We are all clearly aware that it is via the student's first Initiations - irrespective of lineage or 'style' - that they are 'connected' to the phenomenon we commonly refer to as 'Reiki'. And once that 'connection' has taken place, "that" - as they say - "is that".

So, simply to be 'contrary' (i.e. obstinate)...

in presenting my Reiki lineage, I have decided to 'ignore' all of my later initiation-lineages (no matter how much 'more pure' others may perceive them to be) and present only my first initiation-lineage (perhaps perceived by some to be quite 'impure')

This is, after all, the lineage that provided me my 'first contact' - my actual 'awakening-into-awareness' of the potentially life-changing phenomenon that is 'Reiki''.


And so:

My original Reiki Lineage


Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Iris Ishikuro

Arthur Robertson

Rick & Emma Ferguson

Margaret L. Shelton

Kathleen Ann Milner

Sophia Lucia

Ralph Laurence

James Deacon


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