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[NOTE: While it has been claimed by some that the independent Buddhist sect known as the Kurama Kokyo (in charge of the Kurama-dera Temple Complex) - was either the original source for Reiki, or at least, an influencing factor in the origin of Reiki, there is no truth in this. The Kurama-Kokyo sect did not come into existence until a quarter of a century after Usui-sensei's death]


Prayer to Kuramayama Sonten, for Happiness:
Translation Copyright © 2003 James Deacon

Love: the Spirit of the Moon
Light: the Spirit of the Sun
Power: the Spirit of the Earth
Oh, Sonten,
the Beauty of the Moon,
the Warmth of the Sun,
the Power of the Earth,
Uplift mankind and increase our riches and glory by your blessing.
Let peace be victorious over discord in this holy place,
may unselfishness vanquish greed, sincerity overcome deceit,
and may reverence surmount contempt.
Fill up our hearts with joy, raise up our spirits,
and fill our bodies with glory.
Sonten, Great Lord of the Universe, Great Light, Great Mover,
bestow your glorious light and a new strength upon us, your worshippers, who endeavour to touch your heart,

We trust in Sonten for all things.


Konin Shigaraki

Konin Shigaraki is the first-born daughter of Ko'un Shigaraki - the first kanshu (chief abbot) of the Kurama-Kokyo sect.
Born in 1924, Konin was ordained as a nun by her father in 1949, and became kanshu of Kurama-Dera in 1974 - female chief abbots being a rarity amongst Buddhist sects.

Calligraphy by Konin Shigaraki, chief abbot of Kurama-Dera

"Peach and plum trees don't speak, but beneath them they get footpaths."


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