(Ten-chee Say-key Teh-Atteh)

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Inextricably linked with the kuji-in is the technique of kuji-kiri ('the cutting of the nine signs/lines' - kiri meaning to cut) - and the two techniques are frequently confused by the less well -informed

Whereas the kuji-in employs the fingers to focus, the kuji-kiri method employs a grid of nine lines: five horizontal and four vertical - each representing one of the 9 finger signs and their attributes.

In the art of Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate, this cross-hatched symbol is used as a means of focussing therapeutic influence. It is drawn (in the air, on the hand, or on a specific area of the body) with a special 'energy-gesturing' hand-form, known as the 'sword fingers' and is sometimes preceded by the performance of either the formal kuji-in or one of the other aditional ketsu-in mentioned in a previous section.

For the kuji-kiri to be effective the lines must be drawn in the correct order, with the proper focus of seiki, for the 'intent' to work, and to complete or seal the specific healing intent of the energy focus a practice known as the 'placing of the tenth character' is used. This involves drawing one of a series of special symbols or characters onto the centre of the now empowered grid.

In the past, though it is a less common practice in modern Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate the kuji-kiri would be drawn in red ink on special slowburning paper which was then folded into a fan and lit - the fumes being wafted over the patient - particularily around the area of any specific ailment (much akin to the practice of 'smudging'.)


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