(Ten-chee Say-key Teh-Atteh)

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Naturalness in Bodily Action

An important concept, in the art of Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate, is that of 'kufu'.

Kufu, or 'naturalness in bodily action', is a state in which ones body is allowed to manifest 'perfect action', i.e., allowed to express the total harmony of its natural coordinations, unfettered by the intervention of ones conscious mind.

However, the concept of kufu does not preclude training.

Kufu calls for the student to practice a te-ate skill or technique until it becomes natural: 'second-nature' - until it becomes a function of what is often referred to as 'secondary consciousness'.

Kufu can perhaps be best understood as: 'the spontaneous application of a skill perfectly learned through dedicated practice'.

Kufu exists in the moment of 'no-thought'.

In the state of kufu, ones body is permitted its own wisdom, unhindered by conscious mental direction or control.

Ones mind is not focussed on a specific part or area of ones body; there is no thought of self, nor of motive, nor outcome, as these things would only stand in the way of 'perfect action' - perfect application of treatment technique.


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