(Ten-chee Say-key Teh-Atteh)

Heaven & Earth Vital Life Force Therapy













In Tenchi Seiki Te-Ate, each hand has specific significance in both a symbolic and energetic sense:

The Right hand connects with the Dynamic, with Power, with the Sun.
The Left hand connects with the Passive, with Healing, with the Moon.

In therapeutic intervention, where seiki is actually projected to or around the patient, it is frequently projected from the right hand - the hand of power - to the open left hand, and from there, deflected to the patient, the seiki being directed & focussed by the left hand (much as a concave mirror can be used to focus a candle's flame).


Left Hand Right Hand
'IN' end of the IN-YO spectrum 'YO' end of the IN-YO spectrum
moon sun
sensing/receiving expressing/projecting
material world/temporal reality pure wisdom/ultimate actuality
inner outer
healing power
passive dynamic
arresting the active mind realisation of pure knowledge


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